Blessing believes that everyone deserves a loving marriage, a successful career and a healthy functional family. After a marriage in her early twenties, a thirst for a successful career as an engineer, and a partner with a different agenda left her frustrated; she started searching for answers. As a Yoruba woman from Nigeria, divorce wasn't an acceptable option and she was willing to make things work for her young family. As a feminist and an advocate for living your best life, she knew that she deserved more.

Blessing struggled and made lots of mistakes along the way; a few she isn't proud of. She began to keep personal journals of her life as a form of therapy.  3 years after the demise of her marriage, she found love again and reflected on her failures, shortcomings, and her explorations for healing. She is determined to stay focused on this journey of discovery.

Where is the intersection between marriage, tradition and career in the 21st century? This question is prevalent among young Africans who venture far from home and are looking to make their marriage work in a different land. When challenges arise due to tradition, children, a career change, we may feel frustrated. But it is possible to channel those experiences to create a positive outcome. Through her writings, she hopes to help other women minimize mistakes, cultivate strength and achieve long-lasting happiness at work and at home.